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Starý Plzenec historical center

location: Starý Plzenec, ČR

status: urban design study, competition, 1st place

design team: František Štáfek, Maxim Petricov, Stanislava Gregorová

New western front enlarges the main square into a generous rectangular space, its new central island - small city block with public buildings in its core defines quiet pedestrian zone. The extended main street profile accents the central island with community center, mitigates the traffic load with wide pavements, parking lots and trees. Two residential urban blocks with calmed traffic further reduce the main street load with its pedestrian permeability. They offer diversity of building and development forms, with appartments and individual houses. Parking is conceived in garages on the terrain under the buildings. Partially restored original urban structure of old farms is transformed into intimate semipublic streets, that provide access to internal block garden with multifunctional playground. Its entrance court is formed by city senior housing. Building forms respect historical center with rich but contemporary roofscape.