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publication dedicated to individual housing

Michal Kohout, František Štáfek, David Tichý, Filip Tittl

project coordination:
František Štáfek, SUM. architekti

138 pages, 81 photographs, 25 schemes

graphic layout: Jakub Vysoký

Publication was issued by Zlatý řez with financial support of Goldbeck Prefabeton, publication was supported by Faculty of architecture CTU in Prague and UNIT architekti

ISBN 978-80-87068-11-3

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The publication “My House, Our Street: Individual Housing and its Coordinated Construction” (“Můj dům, naše ulice: Individuální bydlení a jeho koordinovaná výstavba”) is dedicated to the society-wide theme of individual housing urban context. Individual housing represents the majority of completed residential units in the Czech Republic. The book offers a look at the various forms of individual housing for different types of the current built environment: from rural through suburban to urban. It discusses in individual chapters the advantages, possibilities and pitfalls of coordination of this type of construction and is intended for all its participants: representatives of public authorities, developers, general public considering the acquisition of this type of housing, or for architects as a study guide.