2018 | Atlas Copco

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Office interior solution 150 + 60 workplaces, 1600 + 490 m2

status: completed

location: Prague

client: Atlas Copco

design team: František Štáfek, Magdalena Šteflová, Stanislava Gregorová, Kristýna Raidlová, Karolína Vojáčková

construction, photo: Capexus

Three open-space office wings are divided by smaller enclosed volumes of meeting rooms, individual offices, phone booths and existing building accessories into dedicated work-groups spaces. Thus existing cramped entrance spaces are loosened and the building atrium is optically integrated into all spaces. Generous multi-functional lounges offer with their complex shapes places of different characters for informal collaboration and relaxation with views of the city. The elevator lobby invites visitors and smartly hides distribution boards in the escape staircase wall. The layout is further articulated by used material diversity. While the open-space colors and materials act as a background for color accents of lampshades, furniture and display pictures, meeting rooms by their unified contrasting one color design in moderate brand colors foster atmosphere of concentration. The large scale steel sheets wall cladding of different types strengthen the industrial brand identity. Wooden furniture, flowers and fabric secure pleasant work environment. The glass walls are decorated with satinated foils, cuted in shapes of company products.